Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Day/Night Cycle

It's been quite a while.  I haven't updated this blog or the game itself in almost a year.  For a while, I was starting to think that the game might be dead.

Over the past year, I finished school and got my B.S. in Software Development.  I joined a group of other developers in the hopes of creating a video game.  That group fell apart rather quickly, and I joined another group of developers who I have been working with on two different games.  That group has potential, and I hope we see the game to completion.

In the past six months, I also did some work on another video game just for fun.  And a lot of the things that I developed for that game are things that I am going to put to use in Lands of Adventure.

So, I'm back now, working on LoA.  Hopefully, I won't get derailed again.

One of the things that I developed while working on the other unnamed game was a day/night cycle routine that tracks the time of day.  When appropriate, it changes the sky color and the light settings and makes it possible for torch light to operate.

Here's a daytime scene:

Notice the blue sky.

During the daytime, the sky is a bright blue, the ground and the buildings are brightly lit and the torch lights cannot be seen.  Compare this to the nighttime scene below:

Now the sky is black.

There is a huge difference. 

The walls I'm using are very Gold-Box like in style.  I developed them for the other game, but have moved them over to this project, as they fit the art style I want to utilize.

So, things are starting to move again.  Let me know if you have any comments.


  1. Your GUI is beautiful. Especially the fonts are superb! Very clean, easily readable. Excellent job!

  2. Something to consider might be a small automap in one of the corners. Nice work :)

  3. Check out 'Bludgeons and Krakens' GUI for an easy to use interface, replace the main 2D window with your 1st person one, and you have a winner :)

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  6. I found your blog yesterday ... via crpgaddict and read through it. I regret you didn't stay with your initial design. You suffered the feature creep. One of the most important things in game development is finishing a project. It doesn't have to be kickstarter-perfect, just playable. There can always be a part 2 built upon the initial engine ... I say so because I had the same problems with my hobby crpg project.