Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Day/Night Cycle

It's been quite a while.  I haven't updated this blog or the game itself in almost a year.  For a while, I was starting to think that the game might be dead.

Over the past year, I finished school and got my B.S. in Software Development.  I joined a group of other developers in the hopes of creating a video game.  That group fell apart rather quickly, and I joined another group of developers who I have been working with on two different games.  That group has potential, and I hope we see the game to completion.

In the past six months, I also did some work on another video game just for fun.  And a lot of the things that I developed for that game are things that I am going to put to use in Lands of Adventure.

So, I'm back now, working on LoA.  Hopefully, I won't get derailed again.

One of the things that I developed while working on the other unnamed game was a day/night cycle routine that tracks the time of day.  When appropriate, it changes the sky color and the light settings and makes it possible for torch light to operate.

Here's a daytime scene:

Notice the blue sky.

During the daytime, the sky is a bright blue, the ground and the buildings are brightly lit and the torch lights cannot be seen.  Compare this to the nighttime scene below:

Now the sky is black.

There is a huge difference. 

The walls I'm using are very Gold-Box like in style.  I developed them for the other game, but have moved them over to this project, as they fit the art style I want to utilize.

So, things are starting to move again.  Let me know if you have any comments.