Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Round and Round We Go

Anyone who reads this blog regularly is probably going to start thinking I've lost my mind, but I have taken a step back again.  This time, I didn't start all over, but I did go back to the version I had been working on previously (the version with 12 classes and perks and skills).  There were a lot of things that prompted this, and I won't explain them all, but the main one was this:

* The new version wasn't working out the way that I wanted it to work out.

It was very restricting.  It took me two months, but I finally remembered why working on the first version in Unity was liberating:  Because I wasn't bound into the same box I had been stuck in back when I created the first version in Visual Studio.  So, going back and trying to get Unity to conform to that box turned out to be a terrible mistake.

I lost two months of time, but I learned some really important lessons.  A lot of them actually.  And, I think going forward, we'll see a lot more interesting things start to happen.  This experience has freed me and cut me loose from the box that I couldn't see around. 

So, I'm taking a step back again...but it really feels like a step forward.  Some of the best lessons are the hardest to learn.