Friday, August 3, 2012

The Dangers of Resting

A party of adventurers who checks themselves into the local inn or who visit the temple will find healing to be a safe and easy process.  But, sometimes when exploring a dungeon, wounded party members will need to rest in order to regain Life Points and Mana Points.

So, the game now has an option for the party to rest:

Three different options.

The party can choose to rest for a single hour, allowing each party member to regain one lost Life Point and one lost Mana Point.  Or, they can rest until all their Life Points are healed (though this option does not insure that all their Mana Points will be completely replenished).

Unfortunately, resting in this way can be dangerous.  It is possible that the party can be discovered by enemies while resting, which leads to combat.  This can be very bad for the party if they are wounded.  After all, there's nothing like being awakened to this...

It's a nightmare!
But, being as the party will start off in a fragile state, it seems it is the chance they may have to take while wandering around in dangerous locales.

More information to come...