Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Work Continues

Things continue to progress in the game.  Sadly, I don't have any screenshots to show off; because, everything I've been doing has been code-based.  I'm nailing down the skill system, working on transferring the game from scene-to-scene so that the party can travel and explore areas and starting to put together skeletons that might become the combat engine.

Some things are still fluid.  For example, I'm still not sure what kind of combat engine that I want to pursue.  I could do one similar to the original version of the game, or I could go after something different (tactical like the Gold-Box games or blobber like the Might & Magic games).  Not really sure what's the best option.

But things are starting to come together.  Each system that ties in with another system is a step in the right direction toward getting something put together for a demo.  I get a little bit closer every day.

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  1. Wish you luck with that, i hope you will make something good and i have trust in that seeing your previous works. I wish i could work something like that but i am hoping one day that i might. Also i hope you will get everything good with system and all that :) Here is something to bring you good luck with your work